Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looks Like We Made It

Good Evening Friends,
We made it! On September 29th, 2008 at 1:43pm we reached the Terminus Monument of the Pacific Crest Trail located on the US/Canadian border. Simply put this has been the journey of a lifetime and I couldn't have done it without all of your support, inspiration, and sacrifice. Thank you so much! The personal growth I have achieved spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically has equipped me to go out and give the world a great big bundle of love. Hiking through Central and Northern Washington was one of the highlights of the trip. More glaciers, more snow capped mountains, more volcanoes, and breathtaking views. There were also some of the best trail angels and I was the beneficiary of even more random acts of great kindness that further ingrained my hope in humanity. I look forward to sharing more stories with all of you on a personal level. For now I am hitch-hiking down the Pacific Coast. I am in the quaint port city of Bellingham, WA right now. Next we will be headed to Seattle, Portland, Redwoods National Park, Northern California wine country, Santa Cruz, and then finally Los Angeles. Then I will be returning to Orlando and I can't wait to give everyone there a big hug....there will be a small party to thank everyone and celebrate the journey when I return so stay posted for details.....and now...the three biggest lessons I learned on the trail:
1. No matter what happens in life....keep putting one foot in front of the other...no matter how slow, no matter how painful, keep going, and keep trying.
2. Live courageously. As I face my fears in life I gain more peace. The more peace I gain the more giving I can be to the world. I don't think the slogan should be "no fear." I think it should be "celebrate fear." Acknowledge that which we are most afraid of in the world, look the fear straight in the eyes, and then find the courage to live through it.
3. Dare to dream. No matter how big or small our dreams make us who we are. Stop coming up with reasons not to dream and start creating reasons to believe in your dreams!

But most importantly....above all else.....HAVE A PEACEFUL DAY!!!


Genevieve said...

WhoooHoooo!!!! Congratulations on completion!! Look forward to seeing you again in Orlando and the party. I think I mentioned before, I broke my phone and lost your number so make sure you call when you get back (520)904-0733. Way to go Dave! or do I have to call your Forager now? Love and light in Spirit. Peace brother.

Dale said...

Congrats on completing the trail my friend! I am so proud of your experience and hope the path before you becomes clear and easier to travel.

Vegas Mulito

kathy & jody said...

your brother jody & i have been following your posts since we heard of your adventure while on vac. in fla. we had hoped to see you there this time. jody has been interested in doing something similar for quite some time. we think its great you have completed the physical part of your journey.keep growing spiritually with each new experience. hope to hear from you soon, maybe even get together somehow.love kathy & jody