Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He works hard for his money!

I am working hard and loving life here in Big Bear City! I have been doing odd jobs around the Nature's Inn and tomorrow I will be starting on a log fence that will surround a prayer walk. I work with some great people here.....There is Ed, the owner of the Inn and my boss who is anything but typical (long haired, bearded, eccentric type), there is Gerry, a 6'3" Cajun man from the swamps outside New Orleans complete with the full accent, and then there is Robyn the housekeeper (aka Silverfinger). There are also various side characters like DeWayne and his dog Baby, and then also the occasional vagrant that stumbles up looking for something to do....We have a lot of fun here and the Inn is full of hikers so there is no shortage of excitement. It looks like the day I will be back on the trail is May 28th so that will give me plenty of time to save up some money....I don't need to buy gear any longer because the earlier mentioned Trail Angel Adrian is going to loan me some very expensive ultralight gear to continue on my adventure....He has a heart the size of California!!! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from everyone!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Forager Is Born

The Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off weekend was a lot of fun....It took me all the way back to a campground at the beginning of the trail...There were about 700 people in attendance. There were barbeques...gear vendors...information workshops.....and videos of past hikes.....The weekend was a great weekend and also very special because many of the hikers that have been killed on the trail were memorialized....I have also been given a new trail name which I was proud to accept....A hiker named "Thumbs Up" came up with the name "Forager" because of my decision to find food along the trail. Then Allen from Portland suggested I take Forager for a symbolic meaning because of the spiritual nature of my adventure. He said that I am always looking for the limitless bounty of the universe. So...I accepted the new trail name and at the kickoff it took like everyone knows me as Forager. So....this will still be the hemmingway adventure, but the trail name for me is now Forager... :) I am back in Big Bear City now and starting to work on a log fence that will be surrounding a prayer walk...This is really shaping up to be quite the adventure! Have a great week!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hemmingway Gets A Job

Greetings from the Pacific Crest Trail! I am still in Big Bear City and have actually landed a job for the next three weeks working for a land owner in the area....The Sierra Mountains are still getting ice and snow so I am about 4 weeks ahead of schedule. The forestry service doesn't recommend reaching that area before June 15th and if I keep going I will be there by May 15th (way too soon for safety). I was fortunate to meet a man named Ed that has givin me the task of building a log fence for a small park he is putting in near downtown Big Bear. He is giving me room and board at his hotel for the time while I am here and a nice pay check to go with it....So basically I'm getting paid to put up a fence in a beautiful ski resort town while I live here for at no cost! The kick off for the Pacific Crest Trail starts tomorrow and the @ 500 hikers that start the trail this weekend will be in the Big Bear area in about three weeks....just in time for me to get back on the trail....more to follow on my adventure here in Big Bear....So far it is shaping up to be quite an experience! I have attached a pic of Big Bear...
Happy Trails! Hemmingway Jones

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can You Bear It?

Greetings from Big Bear City at Mile 275 of the journey! I have been hiking with a man that calls himself "Thumbs Up". It's been going smoothly, but not without incident... I noticed bear tracks in the woods yesterday, then heard the roar. Turns out, there is a nearby "stunt animal" training facility. We were in no danger. Still curious, we walked to it, saw the bear that we had heard, took pictures of it, and continued on our hike. Well, not a day later we arrived in Big Bear City. News is that the bear that we just taken pictures of had killed his trainer that very same day. Here is the link:

I'm going to hang out here for a few days. On Friday the Annual Pacific Crest Trail Kickoff party begins. This is when most of the "thru hikers" begin their journey. It is said that this year around 500 people will attempt it, and about 200 will finish. I plan to be one of them, so keep checking back... many more posting to come...

Hemmingway Jones

Friday, April 18, 2008


I have some pictures for you at
I haven't uploaded pictures from my camera yet, but I have been traveling the last few days with a group of guys from Chicago that have some great pictures uploaded...enjoy!

The best picture is me crossing the snow and ice at
(A picture of me crossing steep snow and ice on the side of a mountain)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Made It!

Okay...I made it...I am in beautiful Idyllwild, California. It is a small resort town tucked away in the San Jacinto Mountains. I climbed to an elevation of over 8000 feet over the last two days...I climbed through treacherous ice and snow that blocked the trail which I wouldn't have been able to do without an ice axe. I was fortunate that a "trail angel" lent me a great carbon fiber ice axe on Saturday. I spent Saturday and Sunday in Anza, Ca and met a great 77 year old woman named Donna. She is a retired chef and she made home cooked meals for me all weekend :). She also took me to a great non denominational church on Sunday. Everyone was really nice and I made a lot more friends....Yesterday wasn't without incident though...imagine me falling on the ice about 5000 feet up from the bottom of a canyon and the only thing that stopped my slide was the ice axe...Thank God the "trail angel" I met let me borrow his! Needless to say this trip is definitely challenging! I know God is with me every step of the way though. I may stay here in Idyllwild a few days to give the snow and ice some more time to melt...

Trail Angel: volunteers that set up free water stations and camping areas along the trail to help out Pacific Crest Trail Hikers...Also known as great all around people with a servants heart. The more trail angels one meets the easier the trip becomes.

With love to all,
Hemmingway Jones

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Voice of Truth

After the first four days I thought of quitting. I had ten great reasons.

*Total exhaustion
*Scorching, stinging blisters covering my feet
*Sprained left knee
*I am completely filthy and stink to high heaven
*My back muscles burn like someone putting hot coals on them
*I have 2600 miles to go
*I am running out of food
*No hot meals
*No showers
*Most importantly, I really miss everyone

But.... all that being said, I was able to listen to music on my Ipod because of the solar charger gifted to me by my friends Bob and Marta.

On the fifth morning, I was trudging along and a song called "The Voice of Truth" started playing. The words are:

The waves are calling out my name, and they laugh at me reminding me of all the times I've tried before and failed. The waves they keep on telling me time and time again "Boy, you'll never win, you'll never win". But the voice of truth tells me a different story. The voice of truth says "Do not be afraid". The voice of truth says "This is for My glory" (God's). Out of all the voices calling out to me I will chose to listen and believe the voice of truth.

No matter what your insurmountable challenge in life is, I pray you'll listen to the voice of truth. I know that I am choosing the voice of truth, and so for now...the adventure continues.

140 miles now completed.

Hemmingway Jones

Monday, April 7, 2008

Chapter One

It has been quite an adventure. I've travelled about 40 miles so far, mostly up mountains. I'm suffering from some exhaustion, a twisted knee, and some blisters, but am in good spirits none the less. I've met some friends along the way. Further details to follow.....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Basic Info

The backpacking journey will be on the Pacific Crest Trail which runs from the Southern California/Mexico border and goes north through California, Oregon, Washington, and ends eight miles in to Canada. The trip is approximately 2700 miles and will take about 6 months to complete. Each year about 300 people attempt to hike the entire trail and only about 150 complete the whole journey. To send me emails I can be reached at . I look forward to all of your comments!

Hemmingway Jones

All We Need Is Love

The day is finally here! Today I am flying out of Orlando at 5:45pm to my first destination of San Diego California. I will be on the Pacific Crest Trail by lunch time tomorrow! I thank all of you for the support you have poured out over the last two months as I have prepared for this journey. The biggest blessing was the immensity of love, kindness, and inspiration that you all gave me. This has already been one of the greatest experiences of my life because I have been able to see the true nature of everyone around me. We all go through some type of inner struggle in life and it is the love we share that binds us. It is through that loving connection that I will be able to bring every single one of you on this adventure with me. Thanks again and remember... All we need is love! :)

Hemmingway Jones